Frank Chickens - The Movie up for an award!

The XX Award at the Underwire Film Festival .  The film will be screened on the opening night of the festival.

November 19th 7:30pm at The Yard Theatre

 Fingers crossed 


Frank Chickens The Movie A short documentary on the 80's Japanese musical group Frank Chickens.  I made this film with Robert Makin of International Review and award winning writer director Dee Meaden.   'An affectionate portrait of Frank Chickens, the cult-alternative-pop-performance group founded by the charming and inimitable Kazuko Hohki. She offers a home for (mainly) young Japanese women to escape the conservative traditions and expectations that flow from their own culture and from Western ideas about the Far East, a place where they can revel in absurdity. And anything that mixes J-Pop musical stylings with ditties about ninjas, while glittering golden gowns and throwing themselves into comically-choreographed dance routines simply can’t be bad.' - Jamie Arrowsmith Hunger TV