A short documentary on the 80's Japanese musical group Frank Chickens.  I made this film with Robert Makin of International Review and award winning writer director Dee Meaden.  It was screened at the London Short Film Festival on the Jan 12th 2013 followed by a live performance from the Frank Chickens.

'An affectionate portrait of Frank Chickens, the cult-alternative-pop-performance group founded by the charming and inimitable Kazuko Hohki. She offers a home for (mainly) young Japanese women to escape the conservative traditions and expectations that flow from their own culture and from Western ideas about the Far East, a place where they can revel in absurdity. And anything that mixes J-Pop musical stylings with ditties about ninjas, while glittering golden gowns and throwing themselves into comically-choreographed dance routines simply can’t be bad.'

- Jamie Arrowsmith Hunger TV

Frank Chickens 8.jpg